Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Barbie

Reading Barbie's entry this morning (or late last night) I was so very glad to read her words. I recognized in them the same revelation I had some years ago which led me to begin my own self-discovery, finding myself, and learning to live in a way that is true to who I am. I hope all works out as well for Barbie as it has for me. Not to say my journey is over, it never ends quite honestly.

Anyway, at that time in my life, Christina Aguilera released the album "Stripped". The songs on this album were and are so very powerful, and gave me so much strength and feelings of empowerment and capability. I'm surprised I didn't wear the CD out playing it so much over and over and over and over again. But I didn't, and now it's safely uploaded to my Zune where I can listen as often as I like.

So I want to share this song, and the lyrics with you, and tell you, Barbie, that the whole CD may be just what the Dr ordered on the good days you're going to have, as well as the bad days that are sure to crop up every now and again. No one can ever take your inner peace from you.

Keep On Singing My Song, Christina Aguilera

Oohhh, Yeah, Oooh Huh
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face
And nobody's gonna bring me down today
Been feeling like nothings been going my way lately
But I decided right here and now that my outlooks gonna change

That's why I'm gonna
Say goodbye to all the tears I've cried
And everytime somebody hurt my pride
Feeling like they won't let me live life
And take the time to look at what is mine
I see every lesson so clearly
I thank God for what I got from above

I believe they can take anything from me
But they can't succeed in taking my inner peace from me
They can say all they wanna say about me
But I'm gonna carry on
I'm gon keep on singing my song

I never wanna dwell on my pain again
There's no use in reliving how I hurt back then
Remembering too well, the hell I felt when I was running out of faith
Every step I'm about to take is towards a better day

Cos I'm about to
Say farewell to every single lie
& All the fears I've held too long inside
Everytime I felt I couldn't cry
All the negativity I had inside
For too long I've been struggling. I couldn't go on
But now I've found I'm feeling strong and moving on

I believe they can take anything from me
But they can't succeed in taking my inner peace from me
They can say all they wanna say about me
But I'm gonna carry on
I'm gonna keep on singing my song

Whoa, & everytime I tried to be what they wanted from me
It never came naturally
So I ended up in misery, wasn't able to see
All the good around me
Wasted so much energy on what they thought of me
Then simply just remembering to breathe

Oooh, I'v learnt

I'm humanly unable to please
Everyone at the same time, so now I've found
My peace of mind living one day at a time

At the end I answer to one god
It comes down to one love
til' I get to heave above
I've made the decision
Never to give in
Til the I day I die no matter what
I'm gonna carry on I will keep on singing my song.....

(They can't take anything from me)

I believe that they can do what they wanna.
Say what they wanna say

(They can say what they wanna)

But I'm gonna keep on
(Keep on )
I believe it
That they can take from me
But they can't take my inner peace

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Say what you wanan say, but I'm gonna sing my song
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah



  1. What a surprise and what an even better gift! I love Christina and have NEVER heard this song! What a perfect time to hear it for the first time! ♥ I know on this thing we call the interweb - we don't REALLY know each other....but I have never felt so cared for as I do right now. I really don't have the proper words (shocking right?!) to thank you for this. I will repost the video on my page tomorrow. It's my new anthem.

    With many thanks and appreciation ~


  2. You're very welcome.

    And I thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    And, as I said in the private email I just sent you, you ARE cared for. Distance and lack of physical knowing do not change that our hearts know one another.


  3. What a wonderful posting of barbie's...thank you for sharing it here lovely one....and for sharing the song. I hadn't heard this before....such positive lyrics.

    love and hugs xxxx

  4. An excellent post, and spot on for Mrs. Barbie!!

  5. I'm not ideal. I'm not a saint. I have my own day to day issues. But, it will be my goal, if things work out, that barb has very, very few "bad" days in the future.

  6. I am floored right such an amazing way. I am overwhelmed and wow. Thanks L and thanks Princess for this blog. :)