Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You

Just wanted to thank everyone for the cards, emails, thoughts, prayers, and comments. The surgery went very well, I'm recovering from that on schedule I believe, and should be back to normal shortly. In the meantime I have unfortunately picked up Master's flu bug and it's got me rather down for the count. I'm actually quite dizzy and congested, and as you can imagine it hurts quite a bit to cough.

But no worries, this too shall pass and I will be right as rain directly.

Today is the first day I've felt up to even looking at the computer screen. The laptop is a tad too heavy to lift just yet so I had my son pick it up and place it on my lap. I will eventually make the rounds and catch up on what is going on with all of you, but I've found reading is too much for my eyes and dizzyness at the moment.

I do really appreciate everyone's thoughts, I know it has made a positive impact on the procedure and recovery.

I hope that each of you are well (heard something about bad fires in AUS which made me worry) and when I hear of other events in places where I know you all to be I fret. But I'm trusting that you are all well, while I pray for those who are experiencing tragedy.



  1. All's fine in our little corner of the no need to worry...use that energy to get back to your full princess loveliness.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Just get your naughtiness back, sweet girl! No worries for you at the moment except your health and renewed strength! Big hugs!


  3. Feel better soon doll! (((big hugs))

  4. Hi Tapestry:
    So glad to know the surgery went well. Rest up and take good care. Sending you good thoughts and hugs
    Take care,

  5. Sorry to hear you picked up flu Tapesty.
    Take it easy.
    Big hugs.

  6. I'm glad you're on the mend Tapestry!