Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's A Relief

So I've been really worried because the surgeon's pre-op chat with me led me to believe I would be back to normal, returning to work, and just tip-top by now, but I haven't actually felt that well. So I was worried that something was wrong.

I just left her office, and it turns out I'm doing fine and healing well, and just need more time. So I didn't need to stress myself over this at all. Perhaps the surgeon could change her pre-op chat just a little so that it doesn't sound like this is no more serious than having a tooth pulled...

It's been 12 days since the surgery, and she's giving me another 9 before attempting to go back to work. It also turns out that I need more pain meds, I have been holding back when it's OK to take them. Honestly, they make me dizzy and feel funny in my head so I weaned off them when I thought I was able. And I also thought I needed to wean off them since her pre-op chat led me to believe I would be returning to work now. Sheesh.

OK, well, as I said, I'm relieved to know that everything is ok even though I know I'm not well yet. The Dr used the phrase "sometimes it takes a little longer for some people to bounce back than other people."

I guess I'm not as bouncy as I used to be. But I'll be fine in time.



  1. Hi Tapestry:
    I am so happy that you are doing fine and healing well. I've had similar experiences with sugery also and also wish that the pre-op chat was a little more realistic. I have gotten more realistic feed-back from the nurses who get to see the post side of surgery a little differently than the Surgeons do. But I am glad that you are getting another 9 days to recuperate and heal at home.
    I will be sending lots of healing thoughts your way.
    Take care
    (((Healing Hugs))

  2. Its so good to hear the Dr was happy with things at your follow up lovely one and, like AG, I'm pleased you have a bit more time to properly recover.

    lots of love, and soft hugs xxx

  3. The surgeon told me I could go back to work three weeks after having a kidney removed. So I did. But I was hurting with bending and reaching activity, so I took another two weeks off.

    It just takes time. I don't know why they downplay the recovery time. Hell, they sent me home from the hospital the day after surgery.

    Take care and give it some time


  4. and gall bladder surgery here is generally same-day, ie, you go home the same day. Unless they cannot do it laparoscopically.

  5. AG and M:e thank you for the good thoughts and care. I am better, I know that, I just also know I'm not well yet. So I will try to spend the next 9 days getting better!

    DK - omg, remove a kidney and they sent you home the next day?? That seems quite harsh. And yes, this was done lapro...lapor...what you said..and it was outpatient. I think a night in hospital would have been good considering how out of it the anesthe...the stuff that put me to sleep...made me.

    That, and they had trouble getting my pain under control. Used a couple different things in the recovery room before they found one that settled down to a dull ache.

    I also think that getting the flu when I got home didn't help this whole process, but all in all I'll be fine. As the surgeon and I talked this morning she felt I was still just too weak and fragile to handle the stress of normal routine yet.

    At least that awful organ is out of my body and can't hurt me anymore. :)

  6. Give yourself time doll. Unfortunately...when I had my gallbladder out...I had it done at the same time as I had my hysterectomy. That means I'm either crazy or just didn't want to go under twice. The gallbladder guy came in and did his thing and then the GYN guy came in and did his. Therefore...my recovery was more like 12 weeks. haha. BUT...the pain from the gallbladder will subside soon....and don't be afraid to take your pain meds silly! They gave them to you for a reason and no purpose is served in being a martyr. ♥

  7. Hi Tapestry,

    I'm still very much under the weather, too, but the Tiggr image automatically sent me flying over to see who else was talking about bouncing, lol.

    I'm glad you are doing OK... just try to take it slow! You can't be too careful!

    Love and hugs and healing thoughts!

  8. Barbie, I can't imagine having another procedure at the same time, although my girl friend did suggest having my tubes tied at the same time. You're a very brave woman! I'm really not trying to be a martyr, but I really dislike the dizzyness and muddle-headedness the narcotics give me. She said I could take some ibuprofen now with food, and I tend to think that will help with swelling which is bothering me.
    Thanks for the well wishes, I'll be in fine fettle forthwith, I'm sure.

  9. Tiggs, I thought I you when I put up the Tigger :)
    I've long been a Tigger devotee, I can sing his song with all the right words, and basically, I subscribe to his philosophy of life totally. It's so much easier to choose to be happy than to let the gloom and doom take control.
    I hope you continue to heal and are well soon. Rest and relax, the world will be fine while we recuperate.