Friday, September 4, 2009

Bad Day?

Today was like that Daniel Powter song, "Bad Day".

At least as I was driving home fretting over the $75 stolen out of my office today, and the repercussions that will ensue, it seemed like a bad day.

And I was missing my Mom. Can't even call and talk to her since I HAVE NO VOICE!

And I'm not well yet, I struggled through a day made worse for having missed the last day and a half.

And this, that, and the other. I could go on.

And then I remembered, that I didn't have to frame all these things in a negative way.

I could choose to change the conversation in my head and focus on the positive and place a positive spin on things. I could choose to remember that in all things I will do more than survive, I will thrive. Because I choose to.

And it helped to remember that I had allowed my blood sugar to drop, through improper nutrition today. (Let's forget the part about me being a nationally credentialed School Nutrition Specialist, k?) But at least remembering the lack of food today helped to explain a portion of my "oh woe is me" whining. Which then helps me to know that after I eat something I'll feel better.

And in the song? Daniel sings about needing a blue sky holiday. That made me smile - maybe that means I'm supposed to go visit Elle. Now that is a splendid idea indeed!

And I'm smiling as I think of it, and laughing at something inane Master just said (no disrespect intended but I'm having trouble picturing a Naval Carrier Ship parked in our driveway!)

And while none of the gloomy things I was lamenting to myself about a few hours ago has changed even one little whit, I can still be happy and smile and have a GOOD day. Has Daniel got a song about that??



  1. That is just terrible about having money stolen out of your office! I hope you get your voice back and feel better.

  2. Jump in that time machine and I'll be waiting on the other side!!

    You, more than anyone, continue to remind me that we have a choice in how we react to the things life puts in our path. I love you for that.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Sorry to hear that Tapesty.

    Have you found out who took it?

    Hope your feeling better.


  4. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I am doing better, have been able to work all week. There have been rough patches with my voice and the fever, but I've gotten better with each day. I'm thankful for the medicine the Dr gave me.

    The money won't ever be recovered. We think we know which student took it, but the police officer searched the student and didn't find anything. My written warning was not worse than I thought it would be, and our procedures have now changed to prevent any possibility of such from happening again.

    Live and learn. In truth, no one died, nobody was bleeding, all is well. These kinds of events are good opportunities for keeping life in perspective.

    I still think I should jump across the pond and visit Elle...someday!