Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happiness Habit

"Being miserable is a habit. Being happy is a habit. The choice is yours."
-- Tom Hopkins, sales trainer

This was the Quote of the Day in my inbox at work this morning. And I so completely agree with the statement that I decided to share. I do not have a perfect life. I don't know anyone who does actually, but lets just focus on me, lol. I have difficulties and problems, some minor, some serious. And if I chose to, I could get really down in the dumps and be depressed and blue.

As a general rule though, I don't get very depressed, typically keeping my eyes focused on my belief that the Universe will provide and that at "the end of the day" (or the end of whatever difficulty I'm coping with) all will be fine. And I guess it's that optimism which must allow me to make the happy choice.

I'm certainly not perfect, I do in fact get a little down in the dumps sometimes, but those moods do generally pass rather quickly. And I find that choosing to look on the bright side of life (with a nod to Monty Python) is more energizing than looking on the dark side. Negativity just drains my energy, to the point of incapacitation. And I mean my own negativity as well as negativity in other people. Because of that I make a conscious choice to limit, as well as I can, my exposure to negativity in any form.

This kind of choice is completely within my control, and becomes second nature the more I practice. A habit. I choose to be happy, to see good, to believe that all will be well. I choose to be positive. The problems don't change or go away, that isn't the point. Because being negative won't help the problems go away either. I choose joy, trusting and believing that all will be well. And that actually helps me cope with the difficulty more effectively since my energy level stays higher and my outlook stays more upbeat. That helps me to feel less like a victim and more capable and empowered and able to prevail.

I think some people may find this to be a rather polly-anna-ish outlook, but in reality I'm not at all polly-anna like. I'm in fact a very down-to-earth and practical and common-sensical person. But one who chooses to be happy and look on the bright side and be positive, in the face of all the same problems that most everyone has to deal with.

It works for me, and my belief is that it would work for everyone. But I won't suggest anyone else adopt this outlook or habit of happiness. This is, after all, all about me. :)


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