Sunday, September 27, 2009

This And That

So I took the blog list off my page - I still read the blogs, but I've been using my reader here at blogger and like it. :)

Heard Bill Maher say "Inertia is the enemy," on his HBO show "Real Time" this past Friday night. I thought about that a bit and realized he's so very right.

LOVE the commercial for etrade that has the baby calling an old man a "shank-a-potatmus" after the golf game. Too funny, and yes, I'm easily amused.

Have really enjoyed preparing and eating some very yummy dishes that were both healthy and satisfying. Especially wonderful when Master and I cook together. Really cool to just create from scratch without following a recipe, and having the finished product be so tasty!

Enjoyed a very fun shopping excursion Saturday to Bass Pro Shops for Master, Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works for me.

While at B&B Works I was able to pass on a coupon for 20% off the total purchase to the lady behind me in line since I had 2 and could only use 1. Felt good, much better than throwing it away would have felt.

Mom is doing better, obviously still aging and coping with the RA, but at least at home, and able to get around a little. Still hoping her apartment is ready soon.

Realized this past Wednesday that I felt well physically, and was grateful. Seems like the first day this school year so far that I was healthy.

Have taken steps to improve my health in order to avoid a repeat of the past month. It doesn't happen overnight, so I may need to remind myself to hang in there.

Pondering the future for me at work. Stay the course? Look for different work within my field? Change occupations? Hoping for some clear sign from the Universe to help.

All in all, life is GOOD. Very good.



  1. Its good to hear life is good for you beautiful one. I sure understand the waiting for a clear sign from the Universe on the job stuff too.....been waiting on that for a while now, though actually not sure if I'm ignoring the signs and waiting for them to get a little 'louder'.

    Aren't reader's great! Been using mine for probably about a year now and love that it means I don't miss postings from my favourite people but don't need to spend ages visiting my blog list 'just in case'.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Yes, perhaps I've been sent quite a few signs but am not taking notice. It is entirely possible. I hope I won't be so thick as to need a brick wall to fall on me. Time will tell.