Tuesday, September 15, 2009



I mean really.

What demented sadist invented the mammogram?????

Unlike some slaves and submissives I like pain. I mean, I really like pain. I'm a masochist. It's weird and not easy to explain. But this just goes beyond the realm of likability!


It took my breath away. I saw stars.

Annually? You think I'm going to do this every year??? You're high if you think I'm going back in a year. I'll agree to 18-24 months. But that's my limit. And it's a hard limit. And before anyone starts in on me let me reassure you that there is not 1 person to whom I am related by blood who has any history of breast cancer. And. I do regular routine breast self examination, and if I felt something I would go immediately.

'nuff said.

How was YOUR day? lol



  1. I think it might have been Erma Bombeck who suggested that we could "practice" for mammograms. All we would need to do would be to sidle up to the refrigerator, open the freezer door, and then just slam the boob in the door.

    Yeah! It ain't easy being a girl.


  2. My day was a lot gentler than yours sweety. The things we put ourselves through in order to make sure we're fit and healthy! Important though, I'm always glad to hear my friends get themselves checked.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. LOL Tapestry I couldn't help laughing at that picture but I do know what you mean, it's something we should do as women in poorer countries don't get the chance to have these tests.

    We are very lucky.