Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Won't believe This!

At least I don't believe it.

But here we are, the 4th day of the new school year, and I'm at home. This past Monday evening I developed a sore throat. Hmm, odd. But no worries. Took a hot shower and some advil and went to sleep. The first day back for students had gone well, and I'm sure I just talked too much,

Tuesday morning, day 2, I wake up and have no voice. And my throat hurts. I go to work, and manage somehow to do my job, even as I get worse as the day goes on. I come home and take a nap, and again, as the evening progresses I find I'm getting worse yet. So off to the Dr I go, where they find I have an upper respiratory infection, give me some prescriptions, and directions to stay home for the next few days.

Well, I feel like death warmed over, but it's only the third day of school, so Wednesday morning I drag my sorry ass into work. Two hours later I drag it back home, and here I am again today.

And the stupid part of all this? I'm more worried about my boss being angry that I'm not at work than I am about actually being sick.


Sometimes this submissive, people pleaser personality just does not work in my best interest!

Nevertheless, I'm certain I'll be better soon, and back to myself. I'd forgotten how awful these types of infections can be since I rarely get them anymore. About 15 years ago I had major sinus surgery, including repairing a deviated septum, cleaning out sinus cavities, and re-drilling sinus drainage holes. Prior to that surgery I stayed infected (for almost a year.) Since that time I really do rarely develop one of these infections. Lucky that!

But really, getting sick the first day of school? Please. Who does that??? lol



  1. You know how they say things could always be worse. Well, I guess you could have started this on the last day of school and had it spoil your holidays!

    Only teasing....I know how committed you are to your job. Rest up and look after yourself. Sending lots of positive, germ free thoughts that you get better really quickly.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Oh sorry to hear that Tapestry. Hope your on the mend real soon.

    Sending love and hugs.


  3. This would be my worst nightmare -- to not be there, where I need and want to be at the beginning. So much hinges on those first interactions. There is so much foundation work done on day one and day two and day three... I am so sorry you are ill. Take care of yourself and it will all be fine. Sending you warm hugs,

  4. Thanks to all of you ladies - your positive thoughts and energy are gratefully received!

    I am slowly regaining health, and with a 3 day weekend upon hope to rest and rejuvenate so that I am entirely well next Tuesday!

    I've never, in 17 years, had this experience. For that I am grateful.