Friday, May 26, 2006

I've Looked at Life From Both Sides Now

Not sure what all to share, seems like so much has been happening. The injured nerve is still there and still giving me pain. The Dr says it will take about 8 weeks for the nerve to heal, and in the meantime I will have this traveling pain. Then we found out that my son cut school 9 days in a row. Gee that was fun. He's still working off the consequences from that. He may never get to play computer games or PS2 again!

At least I had a lovely evening last night when my wild, bratty friend and I had dinner together. It was just nice to sit and relax and talk! And unlike the other ladies I have dinner with regularly, this switchy-friend has the ability to understand both points of view and help me see things in a different light. I'm so glad to have found this friend!

This is going to be a quiet weekend resting and taking it easy. Everyone in our home is sick with one thing or another, so we're just going to chill for a few days and hope that we all get better!
Hope all have a great weekend and holiday.


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