Thursday, May 4, 2006

Visibly Different

Felt a little out of sorts today, nothing big, just some unrest at work and a sick child, and a sick PD. I imagine I'm not completely myself either, given all the illness at work and at home. But it's nothing major, and I'll be better soon, I'm sure, as will everyone else. Thank heaven the pediatrician confirmed NO strep, just the virus that's making the rounds, which was what I, the Mom, had diagnosed in the first place. (I'm usually pretty good about diagnosing my child.) And thank heaven again that PD has scheduled a much needed test, and I'll be relieved once He's had it and we know the results and how to proceed. As far as the employees go, they'll all be just fine soon enough. They never seem to like it when I tell them how to do something the right way, and make it clear that I expect the task to be performed correctly from now on. Oh well, they don't get to make the rules, I do. They'll adjust.

Had a WONDERFUL time last night (Happy early Birthday young Pinky! If it helps any, you can always remember that you're 6 years younger than me!) :) And the reading and information shared was simply delightful. The Presenter was awesome!!

But the best of all quite honestly was having dinner with my dear Jewel and her husband. Such fun, no awkwardness, just relaxed banter and conversation. And it was my first time ordering a pizza there, thanks to Raven for putting the idea in my head! The crust was amazingly light and delicious, and I had them put artichoke, broccoli, onion, mushroom, tomato slices, and extra cheese on it. mmmmm!

And well, I must confess, the very very best of all last night was doing all of this in the company and safety of PD. That He was there makes all the difference. On at least 3 occassions in the past few months different people have remarked about the change that comes over me when He's around. Now you have to understand, I'm a people person. Naturally out-going (well except at my very first exposure to new people with no one there to guide me and introduce me and make me feel comfortable.) Anyway. When I'm with others, friends, etc, I think I'm pretty cheerful and open and caring. It's not an act or anything, just simply how I am. But on at least 3 seperate occassions, when I've been having a good time with friends, and PD arrives, or calls, 3 different people have remarked "Now she's smiling!" or words to that effect. And it just gives me such a thrill. I'm not even aware of this change, yet His presence does change me visibly. Wow.

This afternoon I made the yummiest bread in my bread machine. I think I've found a new brand of mix, this seems better than the last brand. And I still can't wait to make some from scratch! PD and my son both adore good, fresh bread. I find myself planning meals around the bread I'm making instead of around the entree like I used to, lol.

Well, time to go take care of Mom. She's doing better, but still can't do some things for herself yet. And she's really been a "trouper" through the whole thing. Which is good, because I don't know how well any of us would have survived if she hadn't! And it also makes it easier to face the next round of surgeries yet to come in a few months.

Happy Thursday everyone, almost TGIF!


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