Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Master's Touch

What a lovely weekend. Yes the weather was delightful. But it's more than that. Spending time with Master is always wonderful whether it's a day filled with activity and hustle and bustle (like Saturday) or one of quiet repose and tenderness (like Sunday).

We took care of a couple errands Saturday, finding a new case for our growing collection of toys and such. And then taking care of something for my Mom, and glad that I was able to help her, and grateful for Master's assistance with the project too!

Saturday evening was a lovely time with friends for dinner, (homemade fajitas - yummmmmmm) and then to a fun-filled and stimulating party downtown. From start to finish it was a terrific day, even if I did allow myself to be a little stressed and frazzled over time constraints. Master was very patient with me, yet firm as well.

Sunday was a slower pace. We had planned to attend "Wine in the Woods" but when I awoke with a pinched nerve, Master nixed that idea and we spent the day pampering me and resting both of us. It was actually a much needed calm in the midst of our lives, which so often resemble storms! Busy Busy Busy.

Tomorrow morning it's off to meet with my son's school to determine where he goes from here. It turns out he's been skipping school lately, seems to have a case of the "fuck-its" and can't see why he needs to go since he's already passed and/or failed whichever classes he's going to pass or fail. There are, of course, some major consequences here at home since he's lied to me about all this. And I'm sure the school will have some consequences for him as well. How much he'll learn from any of this I don't know. If I had a job that allowed me to be home in the morning with him, so I could make sure he got to school each day, this wouldn't have happened. But the fact is I don't, at least not at this time, and while things will be unpleasant for him for awhile, we will all live through this, and will hopefully be better, stronger people on the other side of it. Just keep your fingers crossed, your prayers rising, and the positive energy flowing for this child of mine. He's had to deal with some icky shit in his life, and while he's OK, the past seems to still have a grip on him.

After we meet with the school, I need to call the Doctor to see about this pinched nerve.

I'll update things afterward.

Tomorrow evening is the season finale for "24", what in the world will I do on Monday nights when that's over with? At least it's a 2-hour show, 8-10 PM. I better have dinner ready when Master gets home so we can be done eating, and I can get the kitchen cleaned up before the show starts!

Oh well, I keep falling asleep and then waking back up so I can type some more. Time to call it a night and get some sleep.


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