Monday, May 22, 2006

Like Sands Through The Hourglass...

I must have narcolepsy! Everytime I sit down I fall asleep. That's really not good. *sigh*

OK, the kid's school was very understanding, I do think it helps that neither the kid nor I are trying to hide anything or lie. Technically his absences are enough to give him a failing grade in every class this term. But there is an appeals process, where he gets a hearing, and can ask for leniency this time. That's it though for the entire 4 years. But maybe it will work out ok for him. He has an A in at least 2 of his classes, so it would be a shame to fail because you felt defeated in the other 2 classes.

Then the Dr agrees, that it's a pinched nerve, sciatica, and gave me an Rx for the pain, and a note to return to work. She did say if it got worse to call her. I'm not anticipating anything worse.

The Italian-Herb Bread for dinner tonight is in the bread machine, the laundry is doing it's thing, the kid has been straightening his room since he came home from school, and I've been tidying and sorting, cleaning, and straightening too. That is until Master called and i sat down here to talk with Him. Time to get up and get moving again, i want to have dinner ready when He gets home. 24 starts at 8 and lasts till 10, and we don't want to miss it! He also wants to put one of the air conditioners into a window tonight. W/we'll see, He's had a long and tiring day and i'd prefer to let Him rest and relax while i rub His feet. But since He makes the rules, it will be as He wishes.

OK, gotta git movin!


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