Tuesday, May 23, 2006

...So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Ok, well it's worse, the pain that is. Maybe it's because I worked today, not sure. I took a pain pill a little while ago, and we'll see if it helps. Unfortunately I can't take them at work because of the side effects. But anyway, if it doesn't improve from the pain pill and resting it tonight, I'll call the doctor back tomorrow.

And I know it doesn't help that while I was waiting for the Rx I did some grocery shopping. Yes, it was much-needed shopping, been putting it off for awhile, or just not having time for it. But I'm sure it still aggravated my back and leg. Meanwhile, I didn't feel any worse while shopping than I did earlier today at work. Oh well, it is what it is.

Have been steadily making progress at home, slow but steady. I will eventually get where I want to be in terms of the clutter and debris of the past 42 years. Some of it will just be thrown away (some has already!) Some will go to the church flea market, some will go to the church thrift shop or Goodwill. And then some of it will be saved. But still and all, I'm making progress. As I get rid of things and free up space, I need to re-organize the things that are staying. For that, I think I need my Jewel!

Right now the dog and both cats are asleep on the bed with me. How nice to have them all within petting distance, especially considering that the cats aren't willing to let us think they can get along yet, and they both take out their frustrations on the poor, unsuspecting, dopey dog! Lucky for both of the cats that the dog is so easy-going!

Looking forward to dinner Thursday evening with a "bratty" friend! :) She needs a chance to get out a little without over-doing it, and I think I'm just the person for that, what with my need to not overdo as well! We'll make a good pair, her with her recovering body, and me with my bad back/leg. lol

This morning I felt ok, and thought I could manage exercise class this afternoon. roflmao! By 11:30-12:00 when I started aching, I realized there would be no exercise class today. *sigh* Can't wait to get well, I really don't like to be incapacitated in any way. I like to be the one taking care of other people, not being taken care of.

Well, time to just rest. Hope this was and is a tremendous Tuesday for one and all!


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