Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blog Blog Blog...

Is there a need for more than one Blog? Could I keep up with more than one Blog? Would I have something different to say on more than one Blog?

I ponder these questions because recently W/we've had to think about who we share the Blog with. I'm in favor of being "out" or up-front and honest about who I am - to a degree. Part of me just wants to be me, and allow everyone else to deal with it. And mostly I think people would be fine with that.

But it's always a tough question. If a blog is completely anonymous one is free to really write and share anything they wish to share, or need to share. When a blog is known by many it can be a very good way to keep in touch and keep current with one another. So, do we share the whole shebang with everyone? Or create seperate blogs?

I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who cares to share. I've reached no conclusion as of this time, so your opinions may help me work through this.



  1. Just one thing to remember while we all like to be able to just put out thoughts, feelings etc out there, it is like writing on the bathroom wall, the whole world to sees it i enjoy reading peoples blogs, sometimes i wonder though why they say the things they say but, hey! who am I to say?

    i don't put out there for the whole world to see private things, such as dirty laundry, sexual experiences, and deep issues i have with someone. i write in generalities. The things i write about are about feelings and thoughts, and i don't put names to my blogs unless i ask first.

    As long as it is understood that the Internet is a huge bathroom wall and what we say is seen by people we don’t know, more importantly people we do know and we accept the responsibility and accountability of those writings then it is all good.

    i enjoy your blogs very much!

  2. I keep different blogs for different reasons. In one blog I write about a more personal situation in which I'm learning, and journaling for future reference. In this blog, I write about whatever comes to mind or how I'm feeling and it's quite open to all.

  3. as you know, i have more than one. in reality, i write and/or publish four blogs. i used to write one that had a very general focus, and in which i could write about a variety of topics. it often felt to me like it wasn't directed enough at anyone or anything. after three years, i stopped writing it. now i prefer to write different blogs for different audiences.

    what i know for sure is that one is easiest to manage and populate on a regular basis. i just couldn't make everything fit in one "container."