Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pigs Can't Sing

OK - so even after my last entry about not trying to teach pigs to sing I find myself trying to do just that at work. Sorry, you get to listen (read) my ranting about employees who willfully and with forethought break rules - rules that have been carefully reviewed and checked for comprehension and understanding. Rules that I don't know that I personally care that much about, but which are set for all of us from higher authorities than me (yes, that's right, I'm merely middle management.)

How very frustrating to catch people blatantly breaking rules (I believe this is called insubordination) when what I really want is to catch people doing right. I am a very Theory Y manager, and prefer to believe that people will come to work and do their best for their own satisfaction, and do not need me watching their every move.

In fact I seem to have a crew (not all just about half) who epitomize what Theory X managers believe, namely, that no one will ever work for their own joy in doing a good job, but must be brow-beaten in order to make them work.


I do realize that typical reality lies somewhere in the middle - that neither Theory X nor Theory Y are 100% correct. (I did pay attention during lecture hall while in college!) BUT. That doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer Theory Y anyway.

What kind of slave would give less than their best just because the owner isn't looking? I do all that I do for Sir - even doing a good job at work. Whether it's household service, his personal service, or service outside the house, the point is for me to do my best in order to be a good reflection of Him.

As it turns out a few of these employees today are fairly vocal about going to church and their religious beliefs, and that was ultimately what set me over the edge. Yes, I did indeed hear myself asking them how they reconcile their behavior at work with what they learn in their churches, and where they left their own sense of personal integrity and ethical behavior?

So, the quote from my last entry is true, I have first-hand knowledge that it did waste my time and I definitely annoyed the "pigs".

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. i want you to know that i do, do my best at work. i take pride in what i learn, and can get done for my Dr.'s. i enjoy seeing the grin on their faces when i was able to get something done for them. Must be the slave in me. Not only that, but i know that Master is pleased that i do the best that i can do at work. When i tell Him about what things i was able to get done, what problems i was able to resolve, He is pleased with me. This is because i am an extention, and reflection of Him.
    Love your blog!
    Master DBLHNDFLGRS slave,

  2. And to be fair, I must confess that I have quite a few employees who also do their best!

    I have difficult times when the staff can bring me down, but overall I love my job! It is those very people that drew me to a career in Management in the first place.

    But dealing with the dishonest and untrustworthy people is always a challenge.

    And I am sure your Master is pleased with you - without regard to your accomplishments. You, just as you are, are pleasing to Him.

    I am happy we are friends.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments.
    i do the best i can with what i have.