Saturday, May 24, 2008


All my submissive and service-oriented friends out there, what do you think about this: Who takes care of your D/M/O (whatever you call them) when you can't? I think this question is really aimed at folks in 24/7 arrangements, but I welcome anyone's thoughts.

The thing is, I'm the caretaker here. My heart is to serve and care for Sir/Master/Daddy, and that is when I am happiest, and what I do best. But when I'm ill - as in really ill like back in January when I had pneumonia and this past week - I can't do my job.

Then, not only does Sir get stuck taking care of Himself, but also O/our son, and heaven help Him - me too. (And I'm not a very good patient.)

Why don't we have a network of service-oriented people who can help care for the Master's of slaves who are unable to do so themselves temporarily? You know, like Merry Maids or something along those lines? They can pull your file when you call them, find out what your Sir needs, wants, and prefers, and jump in to save the day.

Just like the ones in the picture here, at least that's a place to start...but I'm open to other ideas too.


  1. Isn't that what frieds are for?
    Shouldn't we as sisters just take the lead and so such things?
    i know for Master this would not work, but there are those of us who don't live with our Master, who sometimes need a helping hand too.
    i think as friends we should be looking after each other.

  2. "Who takes care of your D/M/O (whatever you call them) when you can't?"

    You pose a very good question tapestry. The fact is we are all human and therefore subject to illnesses and personal set backs. You are your Master's prized possession and he knows how important it is to you to be well so you can serve and care for him. As much as you struggle with this, please know that it's ok for him to take care of you so you can take care of him. This is what real relationships are all about. Besides, my guess is that the "Daddy" in your Sir might find this a very good time to indulge the softer side of himself and spoil his princess just a bit. :) (yes, I speak from experience!)

    "Why don't we have a network of service-oriented people who can help care for the Master's of slaves who are unable to do so themselves temporarily? You know, like Merry Maids or something along those lines?"

    Well, i think service oriented people or even dear friends can only help to a certain degree in the "taking care of Master" area because much of our service is tailored to our owner and the time it would take to explain the little nuances (which often change), we may as well do it ourselves.

    I am part of a poly family triad where that sort of help you elude to is built in for us. We each know what Master needs in his day to day life and provide it in a seamless and flawless manner. (FM baby!! <-ask me privately)

    Poly relationships are not for everyone but for those of us that live them, we truly delight in each others happiness. In our poly family, one of my areas of responsibility is taking care of Master and our home (ie, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc..) If i should become ill or overwhelmed by life, then I can just ask ~haven~ to pick up my area of responsibility thus making sure our Sir is constantly well taken care of. We take care of him, he takes care of us :)

    Tapestry, you do a fabulous job taking care of the home you share with your Master. Please remember that you live in the real world and he lives there with you. It's ok to be human. Promise to live in your world guilt free and get better soon so you can delight in the care and service that brings you joy and your Master pride.

    Love you!
    cherished property of DBLHNDFLGR :)

  3. On a serious note, I know without a shadow of a dout that had I or Sir called, there are a plethora of dear friends within and outside of the Lifestyle who would have jumped in to help without a bit of hesitation.
    And for those friends, I am forever grateful.
    On a lighter note, I still fancy the idea of a "Service" which has our file, and on whom we call, and pay, for their time. Whether or not they show up in corsets and whatnot is optional, of course, but certainly a nice touch! :)

  4. as ~koritzee~ said, in our triad, we have this very thing built in, and i know that we (all three of us) love that it's so.

    but you raise a very interesting question, and it's gotten me thinking. there are two or three other things i wanted to kick in here, but before i do (and risk heading off in a direction dissimilar to your own), i wanted to ask you to clarify what sorts of "service" (very specifically) you wish such people would undertake?


  5. OK - well, I think I was, for the most part, writing quite with tongue-in-cheek. In part because I know that were I in serious need there are quite a few people who would be right here to do whatever needed to be done.
    However, that being said, it does seem to me that were such a service in existence, it would logically include grocery shopping and/or RX pick-up, light housecleaning, perhaps some meal preparation.
    Those are perhaps the areas where I fret the most having to ask Sir to handle them after he has worked all day and driven the long commute.

  6. Thanks for the clarification! Here are my further thoughts:

    1. I don’t think the service providers need to be submissive at all, and I, actually, would prefer to hire someone who isn’t. Either way, I what matters most is that the people providing said services have to be good at taking care of those kinds of tasks you mention. As such, at least one such service already exists: Home

    They do all the kinds of things you mention, and although apparently originally set up to help seniors, their FAQ says they provide their services for others as well:

    =>Are your services limited to Seniors? <=

    No, we also provide services to New Mom and Working Parents and those recuperating from an illness or injuries, and people requiring continuing care. While the specific situations and client needs can vary, we find that the overall care is quite similar.

    =>Does Home Helpers provide services that can help even with the most basic of activities of daily living for me personally and for keeping up my residence?<=

    Yes, we can provide services to support your needs in the area of activities of daily living and also offer you a full range of residence services including light housekeeping, laundry, ironing, organizing and tidying of your residence. We do not offer maid services, home repair or landscape services but we can work with you to coordinate such services from others to fit your needs and make certain they are done to your satisfaction.

    2. If you wanted this to be provided by submissives that genuinely enjoy providing these sorts of services, why not consider starting your own company? :) I feel quite certain that there are plenty of submissives who need jobs, and who might actually delight in doing something like this—getting to do what they love, while being fairly compensated for it. And given that there’s at least one successful business doing this sort of thing, it would seem an easier row to hoe, than it might be if no one were being successful at it. Of course, the one thing you’d want to try and get a feel for is how many LS households have the expendable income to pay for said service. My feel, rightly or wrongly, has always been that maaaaany folks in the LS are not exactly flush.