Saturday, May 17, 2008

Follow Your Gut

We all "ought" to be better at following our guts. As in, you have a bad feeling about something, so don't do it! Bad feelings are worth listening to. Or as in something tells you deep inside that you should do something, so DO do it! Those feelings are worth listening to also.
This past week I had some bad vibes about a couple things, and I ignored them. And now, since I didn't listen to my body, my inner voice, my heart, instead I let my brain over-ride the feelings, now I pay the price.
I knew my schedule was too demanding this past week, and I knew I needed to pare it down in order to protect me. But I didn't listen to what I knew. And now I'm sick. Icky, uggy sick - fever, tummy stuff we won't mention, sinus stuff, a sore throat to beat all sore throats, and did I mention the muscles aches and the way the chills from the fever make those even worse?
And it isn't like I can just lay back and rest this weekend - the move is Tuesday and the house had to be packed up. Life isn't going to stop or pause while I'm ill, and patiently wait for me to be well so it can pick back up where we left off.
So I tell ya - listen to your mother if you want, but mostly, listen to your body, your heart, your feelings, your intuition. And then do as they say. I don't care what the obligation is, or who you might offend by canceling, it isn't worth allowing yourself to become run down and susceptible to the germs and bacteria flying around.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are so unwell, but it's apparent that you have learnt your lesson!

    Take care and get well soon!