Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A few days ago Daddy added an AdSense button to my page, like the one on His page, so that W/we can generate some income. This process was a little confusing for me, and while Daddy is always very patient and gentle with me, I suspect I pushed Him close to the edge as He set this up. (In my own defense, I must say I don't think it helped that one of O/our cats was clamoring for His attention at just that time as well, which included walking on the keyboard, stepping on the TV/DVR remote and losing 2 minutes of OT in a sports game Daddy was also trying to watch while adding the button to my page...)

anyway, as I was saying...

After I cancelled some of His formatting (by mistake) and He had to start over, and Ripley stepped on the remote (I swear she did it on purpose) and He had to cuss, the button was finally added to my page. Then of course I had to play with it for awhile. (Isn't that what buttons are for?? - to play with?????) (After all, Daddy likes my buttons...)

anyway, stop getting me off the topic

So I try a bunch of different colors and sizes, shapes, and positions on the page until I get it to look just right. And now here it is. Or there it was. Whatever. And Daddy casually remarks I should blog about it.

I laugh, thinking He's just being funny, or giving me a suggestion for a blog topic (because we all know how hard it is for me to find something to blog about.)


Today it finally hit me, Daddy hasn't quite figured out my density level when it comes to instructions yet. I do best with very simple, straightforward instructions like:

  1. Get me beer

  2. On your knees

  3. Write a blog about (X)

  4. Do this, do it now, do it this way

See what I mean? These are all so much easier for me to recognize as wants and needs of Daddy to be obeyed as opposed to gentle suggestions or questions.


I wasn't ignoring the direction about writing the blog about the adsense - I didn't understand or get it - until now.

Do I at least get credit for turning in the work, even if it's late? Can I do some extra-credit to make up for it? And is there any continuing education for Daddy's to work on being more specific with dizzy little girls who need things spelled out?

Anyway, back to the adsense thing, because I have found this part very interesting. Google picks the ads that appear, so I never know what is going to be in the button, it changes. So I click to see what they are, and I'm finding my ads are very gentle, soft type ads like geneology research things, and jewelry for remembering lost babies and children, and humanitarian working vacations for things like Habitat for Humanity, and eternal reef memorials. Nice things, gentle things, things that fit me.

And when I click on the button on Daddy's page, it's usually for different types of stuff. Harder things. Not gentle things. Things like giant telescoping hunks of metal (I'm not sure what you were supposed to do with it, seemed very industrial to me...) or things like are you going to heaven or hell?? (wow) IQ tests (ugh) other icky things. Not nice, soft gentle things at all.

So it seems that Google really is choosing ads that suit the page and the blog/blogger, at least the content of the page/blog somehow, possibly the theme chosen? I'm not sure how it's done, I'm sure it's automated, and I'm impressed.

Oh, and by the way, if you have a spare second while you're on my page or Daddy's page each day? Would ya mind clicking the buttons? We get a few pennies every time the buttons get clicked, and you pay nothing. I promise we'll return the favor if you decide to put buttons on your own pages. Just let me know. :)


  1. Hmmm... What button? I want to play with your button!!

  2. omg
    I just cracked up - roflmao

    I checked Daddy's page, and the adsense ad was for a parenting resource - the toddler years, what every parent should know for surviving the 2'3 and 3's.


    lemme know how that works out!

    *cracking my silly self up!*