Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Think I'm Seriously F***ked-Up!

Now I ask you, what normal person, browsing a list of items offered up for other Freecyclers would immediately get a mental picture something like the above images?? (No not exactly like the above images, just along those lines?)

Here's the phrase/email which brought such images to mind:

  • OFFER box of electric plugs

OK - maybe I'm the only person with a sense of humor this far gone (although I think I know at least a few other people who would be wondering about electric butt plugs...)
But I was seriously no more good as I cracked my little self up!

And no, the ad is actually offering actual electric plugs - you know, hardware type stuff, not related to kink - well, no more than anything is related to kink, lol!

Whew - ok, letting it go now, enough said I'm sure. I hope you got to laugh or at least chuckle the way I did.



  1. Get your mind out of the gutter g/f :)

    Hope you are feeling better.
    Hugs, lauren