Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day Off Work

So here in Maryland today was the Primary Election Day, and they hold elections in the schools. So schools were closed, which gives me a day off work. I'll take it! :)

Not only did I vote, I got a whole lot of errands done too. After I voted, they gave me a little sticker like the one above. When I was looking for a picture of it online to share here I also found the sticker underneath - sometimes I wish we could vote for Jack Sparrow, lol.
There aren't any easy answers when it comes to politics, and the world today. Not in the realm of foreign policy, domestic policy, the economy, the war, nothing. We long for easy answers, and the politicians want to tell us that they can fix the problems. But truly, they can't. It just isn't that easy.
And yet, we're so blessed in this nation to be able to participate in the process this way. To have the right as well as the responsibility to vote. Whether we make an informed choice; choose from our gut; choose from gossip/rumor/innuendo; or just show up and push a button from complete ignorance; we still have the chance to make a difference. And that's a gift beyond measure.
So yes, I voted. And my ever optimistic mind and heart trust that in my small way I make a difference in this world.

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