Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not A Fan Of Organized Anything

I was talking with my dear friend Magdalena this past Sunday. We've already come to terms with the fact that we are, in fact, deeply spiritual people albeit not lovers of organized religion. So Sunday, we were discussing the unfortunate presence of politics and personal agendas in the various lifestyle groups. While these groups can have something to offer, the human-made organizations can become places of unrest and disagreement and even disagreeable-ness.

I've certainly found it best to keep my distance from the system, maintaining my friendships and place as a person within the community at large, accepting of all, demanding of none, answerable only to self and Sir.

But what I think Magdalena and I found most unsettling is that in this arena of kink, and to each his own, etc, there exists such a current of intolerance, much as is found within the realm of organized religions. This is the one place where ideally speaking, we would anticipate and expect no such bunk. And yet you find it in the educational groups, the femmedom groups, between groups of non-like genders and orientations, and the list goes on. The one community-at-large I would expect open-mindedness and good-will and free acceptance just because of who we are, has turned out to be no better than the vanilla world I came from. And that saddens me.

I will never give up sharing my message of open-minded acceptance and tolerance and love for all. I believe it can happen if we try.

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  1. OK - so after writing about the Lady Terps game, perhaps I must admit to being a fan of organized sports.