Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Stuff!

Sometime last year my son learned about a new thing Microsoft was doing to try to help their search engine compete with Google. It's a group of word games and trivia games, some a little more fun than others (although what appeals to me may not be the same as what appeals to you.)

Anyway, I play the games, the answers are then checked using the Microsoft search engine, thereby giving themselves lots and lots of hits (what search engines need in order to be successful.) Each game I complete awards me tickets/points, some games 25 tickets, some 20 some 15 (you get the point.)

Once I build up enough points I can cash them in for prizes. So far, I have earned a free Zune (yes, the ones that sell for $150-200,) a free wireless X-Box controller, and have a few other items I'd like to redeem tickets for. The list of prizes includes things like a Roomba Vacuum Robot, Microsoft Vista, plenty of other hardware and software for computers and the X-Box, as well as frequent flyer miles and other things. Additionally, I can just donate my points to charity, and Microsoft will pay them in cash.

The cool thing, is that I have fun with little games and puzzles like this, and would play anyway when I have some time and want to unwind (or say, when I'm on forced bedrest due to some illness or whatnot.) So these are the kind of things I'd enjoy even if they weren't giving me free stuff!

I just thought I'd share the info with you. Hey, we all know Google is superior, isn't that why we're here at Blogger instead of some other blog engine? But if that makes the competition do things that can benefit us, I'm all for it! So if you want to check it out, feel free to Click Here.

Have fun and happy winning!

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